2592 Rosebery Avenue

West Vancouver
This exquisite contemporary home redefines luxury with stunning features, natural light, southern views and Feng Shui energy. Rendered with varying materials, such as concrete, stone, wood, and glass, this magnificent residence enjoys a Zen-like calm owing to the retaining walls and pathways that blend harmoniously with the natural landscape. Uncomplicated exterior cladding, creative window designs and clean wall finishes, as well as an eyecatching water feature at the front entrance exudes visual appeal while welcoming everyone in. As one enters the impressive solid wood custom door, the simplicity, open light-filled spaces and modern interior finishing details create a spec home that is truly in a class of its own; one designed to attract discerning West Vancouver home buyers.
Property Details:


DETACHED HOMES – Production Over 3,000 square feet Finalist

Best Single-Family Kitchen Up To $150,000 Winner & Finalist

Best Outdoor Living Space New or Renovation Finalist

Best Interior Design Display Suite-Single Family Production Finalist

Best Outdoor Living Space: Custom Or Renovated Winner & Finalist

Best Custom Home: $1.5 Million Under $2 Million Winner & Finalist

Best New Kitchen: $100000 And Over  Winner & Finalist

Best Landscaping: Custom or Renovated  Finalist